How to make money by selling car auction history

Do you know that Japan exported almost 4 million cars a year? Some portion of exported cars coming from the Japan Auction Houses such as TAA, USS, JU, ARAI and many others. Most of Japanese people selling their cars through auction houses. Therefore there will be a report for each car that are sold through the auction house.

The reports is widely available during the bidding time, however once the bidding finished. It will be no longer in the system. A platform like carauc.jp is where you can buy the historical reports for Japanese cars based on the chassis number.

So where is the opportunity in this business?

If you are located in a country which imports japanese cars, then you can sell the auction reports to the potential buyer of a Japanese car. The reports will include the gred, the condition, comments from the inspector, car specification and many more.

To cost to obtain the report at Carauc is $6 if you are buying in bulk. Therefore you could sell it for profit to your customers.

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